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Total Solution for weighing!

Đông Minh Phát CO.LTD  is the leading supplier of electronic scale in the VIETNAM market. With more than a 45% market share established in our short 1 year history, we are now producing 15 different model of electronic retail and Bench scales by cooperation with one of the most modern producer name CAS corporation in South KOREA and distribution network in the world today, we are fully committed to customer service and support on a GLOBAL scale. Our products carry International approvals such as ‍OIML - NTEP - UL - CE- FCC - ISO 9001 - QA - TUV - ISIRI - Self Verification, and others.

We have branch offices in all over the VIETNAM for full sales and service support. A developing network of dealers will allow full penetration into the various markets for our high quality products and continue to grow customer royalty as well as market share for the company.

"We Weigh the World" is not just a corporate slogan. By providing high quality components and scale products ranging from load cells, commercial scales, and industrial scale to industrial weighing system, all at competitive prices and complete with after-sale service and state-of-the-art technical support, "We weigh the World" is our primary focus and commitment to innovation and technology.

Direct Measure Professsional (DMP)  located in the beautiful scenery, is a powerful development capabilities of scientific and technological enterprises, professional production of modern weighter, product performance excellence, aesthetic, practical. Improve production management and excellent market reputation, the products won the favor of customers. The company has electronics, machinery, such as the calculation of all-round skills and improve test equipment, always respected in a spirit of the "technological progress, honesty, trustworthiness, quality-oriented" purposes. Our products are sold at home and throughout the enterprise created brand for the further development of enterprises laid a good foundation. The Company will further expand the scale of operation to more diversified products and quality to meet the higher demands of consumers, welcomed the new and old customer calls from business operations, let us join hands in creating a splendid future!


On all the goods offered in Viet Nam the guarantee of the manufacturer, to some goods till 3 years extends, with a condition of annual metrological check in our service center. Together with the goods you receive guarantee documents in which conditions of a guarantee are stipulated.

If during a warranty period there were technical problems with the goods, free-of-charge guarantee repair according to rules of the manufacturer is made. In that case you can address directly in our service center (No. 145, St 304, ward 25, District Bình Thạnh, Hồ Chí Minh City) with the guarantee coupon and the documents, confirming payment.

To avoid misunderstanding, we ask you to familiarize carefully with the instruction of the goods, and also to check up, whether the guarantee coupon is correctly filled. The guarantee coupon is valid only in the event that in it correctly and is clearly specified: the model of manufacturing, serial number, date of sale, guarantee period, is precisely visible a press of the company, the signature of the buyer. It is forbidden to make any changes, to erase or copy any data in the guarantee coupon - in this case the coupon nullifies.

Customer satisfaction with the quality and supply of services We are an eternal theme!



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